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  • The best intelligence is human intelligence and the CIA and certainly other spy agencies around the world have an open source of intelligence in the millions of posts to Facebook, twitter, chat rooms ..

  • Since the day Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/) came to life we started to analyze its differences with Facebook and we were wondering if we could handle another social media. Well, it seems it i..

  • Today is a big day for Facebook since they are releasing a boatload of new features within Facebook that will change our concept of social media. Facebook is celebrating its F8 Facebook’s devel..

  • How long do you spend on twitter? Don’t feel so bad, there is evidence you’re not alone. Lab42 (http://lab42.com/) asked 500 twitter users questions about how often they log on and how the..

  • Maybe you’ve noticed something different lately on Twitter? Hot on the heels of launching their own photo service, they’ve now added User Galleries to the mix. Now, the sidebar of every tw..

  • Today Facebook launched a standalone messaging app for iPhones and Android devices that taps into their messaging system and helps connect you with people inside AND outside of the facebook ecosystem...

  • And finally, here it is. Twitter has started to rollout its new photo sharing feature that allows you to upload pictures within your tweet without the need of a third-party. Most of us have been using..

  • This Friday July 29th at 5pm (Dublin Ireland Time) or 9am PST, Twinutesilence is asking the Social Conscious of the world not to use Twitter or Facebook for one minute, creating an online One Minute o..

  • As social media plays a more and more important role in our internet lives, Google is hard at work trying to catch up to the leader in the field, Facebook. A few days ago, Google took the wraps of..

  • If you are unemployed, looking for a job and spend some of your time on Facebook (we are sure you do :p ) here comes a good friend: BeKnown (http://apps.facebook.com/beknown/welcome)! Monster is..

  • "Shit! Twitter, help! Prey just found my stolen (as of three days ago) laptop. Here's the report. I see the guy! http://awe.sm/5J8gE." That was the first tweet that helped Sean Power recove..

  • We've talked a bit about how you can use twitter to promote your business, but the personal nature of twitter makes it easy to get into trouble with other users. You might remember Courtney Love's..

  • Most of us wonder time to time how people see us, first impressions are everything and until now they were formed mostly by the way we dress, our attitude, hair style etc. But things are changing. ..

  • Remember when Tweet was the sound a bird made? The new concept of “tweeting” was born 5 years ago when Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the very first tweet “Inviting co-w..

  • Twitter is a great way to connect with friends and accquiantances, but how do you use that power to promote your business? We've gathered a list of beginners tips and other important info that will he..