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  • We're constantly checking our email no matter if we are at the office, at home, shopping or sailing in the middle of the ocean. And when we can't access our email we feel like we're not part of this w..

  • There is news that makes history and without a doubt this is one of them: Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, has been named the new CEO, Apple&r..

  • Yes Virginia, there is more to the web than Facebook. The web has quickly become the antidote to network control of how we get news and information and entertain ourselves. The web has also proven to ..

  • If you have a smart phone or a tablet I'm sure you ask yourself everyday if there's any app for that...whatever that is for. Well, where do you go when you have a question? Google, right? But if your ..

  • Did You Know That - In 60 SECONDS Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos, amounting to 25+ hou..

  • In an interesting move, one that could foreshadow future plans, Google has starting using their search result pages to alert users their computers are infected with a virus. For now the tool is focuse..

  • With all the high profile hacking that has been going on lately, you must be wondering if your password has been compromised or if your ultra-secure love1234 password is still safe to use. Recently nu..

  • Internet browsers and apps are battling every day but here comes a big war. Watch out Skype, Google Chrome is coming for you. In other words Google is challenging Microsoft! After releasing WebR..

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top three Internet Search Providers, have come together to create what they are calling Schema.org. Schema is a new resource that will help websites owners, and develop..

  • GoDaddy has some competition in the domain registry space, thanks to a new idea from Trademarkia. Can you guess what they do? Trademarkia is a domain registry that automatically performs a searc..

  • Today Apple’s Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC to introduce the new versions of Mac OSX and iOS, and introduce a new cloud services dubbed iCloud. There was a lot to talk about, but lets recap...

  • Google has been making strides lately in its quest to speed up the web. Over the last few months they’ve introduced several tools to help developers speed up their sites and they’ve also i..

  • The value of an easy-to-remember domain name cannot be underestimated in helping users find your site. Back in the early days of the internet (when domain names were free!) people were able to snap up..

  • A brand-new plugin for Mozilla’s FireFox web browser has shot to fame because of the actions of the Department of Homeland Security. The ICE Division of DHS contacted Mozilla last week to reques..

  • How often do you update your online profiles when your contact information changes? It is not too high up on many peoples list, but here is a reason that should change. Did you know incomplete whois d..

  • Last week Google introduced a new tool to their Google Labs toolbox, Page Speed Online (http://pagespeed.googlelabs.com/). Like most new tools they release, it’s still in beta but it seems ..

  • Let me tell you: It's really frustrating when you've come up with a great domain name and it's already taken! Michelle Branco, a mom in Toronto, had taken steps to ensure her little ones don't experie..

  • On Monday we showed you how Microsoft launched a website (http://clubcardwebsites.com/_blog/Web_101/post/Goodbye_IE6%21/) (Goodbye IE6) (http://clubcardwebsites.com/_blog/Web_101/post/Goodbye_IE6%21/)..

  • Microsoft is slowly letting go of its baby Internet Explorer 6. It’s setup the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown (http://www.ie6countdown.com/) website to track the usage of IE6 around the world. It..

  • The discussion between Microsoft vs Java technology has gone beyond the developers' online forms and blogs. The phenomenon is being now spread all over the net thanks to the new video from the creator..

  • Lesson one in search engine optimizing - Don’t mess with Google no matter who you are! When Overstock.com tried to boost its rankings through sleazy kickbacks Google knocked them down faster tha..