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  • Every piece of technology we surround ourselves with has a fatal flaw; power. In particular in our mobile devices are always limited by the amount of life in their small batteries. The holy grail of t..

  • With the birth of the 7 billionth person already well in the past the world is getting very cozy, very fast. Almost like the math riddle where you double a grain of rice on the squares of a checker bo..

  • In a move reminiscent of “oppressive” governments that firewall and block their citizens use of the internet, the US government is considering new laws to block and take down websites they..

  • Oh! That's a moment! "Click" -- Picture! How cute, let me take a picture! "Click" Are you familiar with those sentences? Now we hear them all day long since we don't need to carry a camera to i..

  • Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple died Wednesday after a long bout with cancer. He was 56. Jobs left his position as chief executive of Apple in August, saying he could no longer meet t..

  • Apple unveiled its new iPhone today but it wasn’t the much anticipated IPhone5. Instead they introduced the iPhone4S, which is not a 4G phone as expected, instead Apple has promised it will ..

  • In a previous post we mentioned that the authorized biography of Steve Jobs would be released early in 2012. Well, things have changed and The Book “Steve Jobs: A Biography” will hit the b..

  • Do you have an Android or an iPhone? Which one should I get? It seems that everyone is battling over whether iPhone or Android is best. Android lovers have a list of reasons of why to choose an Androi..

  • Let’s be honest. We all hate it when our phone runs out of battery, don’t we? And as Murphy would say, it always happens when you are expecting the most important call, you're lost and nee..

  • One week after the iCloud presentation, Steve Jobs is back in the news. This time, though, we don’t see him standing up in front of an audience to release a new product. This time..