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Apolline and Léon, and interactive story



Here we want to show you a delightful interactive story for your apple, android and blackberry touchpads. This is the story of Apolline and Léonwho , a curious, brave and endearing friends. In this first episode the two children are intrigued by an old woman who looks like a witch and even so they decide to follow her in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. As their creators explain on their websites Apolline and Léon app:

• is a captivating and fun story
• is narrated by professional actors
• is superbly illustrated by Marion Piffaretti
• has lots of interactions on every page: the reader can shake clouds, throw balls,
play music, look through key holes, switch on and off the lights… • has enchanting music and sound effects
• des musiques et bruitages envoutants
• has a simple interface suitable for young children between 3 and 8
• is 10 minutes of wonder to share with your children

The application is available in 9 languages: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian

This book is part of the "Apolline and Léon" collection In the next episode, the children will be faced with a new mystery to solve at Deauville beach.

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