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Facebook Timeline

Category: Stay Social, Release Date: 22-Sep-2011

Today is a big day for Facebook since they are releasing a boatload of new features within Facebook that will change our concept of social media. Facebook is celebrating its F8 Facebook’s developer conference and little by little we are learning what’s new and want to reveal which are the most commented on features.

In general Facebook won’t be just be a wall for sharing what you like, instead Facebook will become your Music, Video, TV and Social platform in one.

Along with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEOs of Netflix and Spotify took the stage at f8, to explain how Facebook will begin integrating music, movies and other media into the site itself. Both discussed how social media is important to their companies’ growth and survival — just as important as better media integration is for Facebook itself.

In addition to Spotify providing music, Hulu and Netflix announced they will start allowing users to connect through Facebook; the intention is that once you open your Facebook profile, you never will need to leave.

Another big change Facebook has presented today is what they call The Timeline ( The Story of Your Life). A feature that shows your information, pictures, likes and links in an improved user interface design. “It’s the heart of your Facebook experience, completely re-thought from the ground up,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted. The time line includes and integrated monthly Archive that lets you navigate through to easily find important, dates events, images and content.

Here you can see some shots of the new Timeline and design

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