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Google makes moves into Social Networking

Category: Stay Social, Release Date: 30-Jun-2011

As social media plays a more and more important role in our internet lives, Google is hard at work trying to catch up to the leader in the field, Facebook. A few days ago, Google took the wraps off their social media offering that they’ve built on top of their existing sites.

The initial rollout of Google+ is made up of 5 main elements. They are:

  • Circles - Keep your Grandma in a separate circle than your Drinking Buddies. Circles allows you to group the people you meet into different categories and share different content with each circle.

  • Sparks - A constant feed of content about topics you are interested. Strike up a conversation with people in your circles or anyone you like.

  • Huddle - A group messaging function that allows you to message multiple people within your ‘Circles’ and carry on conversations all together. 

  • Hangouts - This is one of the neatest features, a multi-person video chat that runs right in your browser. You can mark when you are ‘Hanging Out’ and people can stop by to chat with you and others in the same Hangout.

  • Instant Upload - Exciting for Android users, Instant Upload uploads your photos immediately and lets you share them with people in your circle.

Right now Google+ is limited to invited members, but the Beta is slowing opening up. If you got your hands on some invites to share, Tweet us ( @clubcardusa or @Clubcardca ) and let us know!

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