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How fast is your site? Ask Google....

Category: Internet, Release Date: 05-Apr-2011

Last week Google introduced a new tool to their Google Labs toolbox, Page Speed Online.

Like most new tools they release, it’s still in beta but it seems to work like a charm. While the service has previously existed as a browser plugin, this new web-based tool allows you to enter the URL of the site you wish to test, hit analyze and it will instantly compile suggestions on how to optimize your webpages for speed.

It doesn’t just rely on server response speed, it’s uses a webkit-based renderer to measure all aspects of your site including the time spent downloading images and the execution of javascript. It can even give you feedback on optimizing for mobile devices, which are based on a whole different set of priorities.

Site speed does matter, as
Techcrunch points out: 

  • Yahoo: 400ms improvement increased their pageviews by 9%
  • Firefox: shaved 2.2s off their page load and increased download conversions by 15.4%
  • Shopzilla: reduced loading time from 7s to 2s and increased page views by 25%. 
How does your site rate? Are there any High Priority results that you need to address on your site?

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