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US Government plans to censor websites

Category: Miscellaneous, Release Date: 31-Oct-2011

In a move reminiscent of “oppressive” governments that firewall and block their citizens use of the internet, the US government is considering new laws to block and take down websites they feel infringe on copyright. The new laws would enact sweeping powers to government and private corporations to force your internet service provider or hosting company to block and remove websites from the internet on the smallest suspicion of copyright infringement.

In our opinion this is a massive and frightening move that opens a black hole of censorship. The internet is meant to literally be a free for all that is the backbone of free speech in modern society. As we have witnessed the internet is the preferred method of peacefully deposing dictators and exposing information many would prefer never sees the light of day. The internet isn’t a vanity mirror for fame hungry fluffs with deep pockets and lawyers on payroll or hocking fake Louis Viton bag.

Is it the government’s role to protect private brands as if they are their own? Shouldn’t copyright protection be the job of the artist, person or company that owns the rights? What do you think? What would be next in controlling what you publish or read on the net?

You can read and learn more here

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