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Top 10 New Products At Clubcard In 2018

Top 10 New Products At Clubcard In 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year, yes it's the season when top ten lists pop up all over the web and your knowledge of irrelevant facts is at an all time high. The good news is that all of these top ten lists make for great holiday chit chat, and for the trivia masters among us, the potential to garner more information to impress the masses.

Never wanting to disappoint, we've put our list of the top ten new products for 2018 at Clubcard to fuel your quest for higher knowledge.

#10 Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards

When you're hungry for sales nothing grabs peoples attention like a professionally printed sandwich board. With several sizes to choose from you're sure to catch the eye of new customers ready to lay out some bread. Clubcard prints your sandwich board signs on weatherproof vinyl with powder coated frames made to survive life on city streets. Lettuce help boost your sale with a Fresh Sandwich Board!

Sandwich Board

#9 Chicago Screw Notebooks

Chicago Screw Notebooks

Printing books, comics, zines and look books has always been popular at Clubcard. Who knew you had so much to say and show the world? Binding books with Chicago Screws has become the hippest way to give your books an artisanal appeal in 2018. Combining antique brass, nickel plated or black oxide steel screws and plenty of stock choices to choose from you're bound to find a flawless combination. Get Chicago Bound Books!

Chicago Bound Books

#8 Telescopic Backdrop

Telescopic Backdrop

Apparently you had a lot of runway appeal in 2018. We printed so many Telescopic Backdrop Banner Stands we were hoping for an invite to the Oscars. These backdrop banners are often used as step and repeat banners at event to ensure maximum brand exposure in celebrity and VIP event photographs. These massive backdrop banner stands are adjustable in size from 5 to 10 feet horizontally and 3.5 to 8 feet vertically so they are also ideal for trade shows too.

Clubcard prints your artwork, logos and branding on weatherproof matte vinyl so you can use these indoors and outdoors without glare from the flash of paparazzi lights. Elevate Your Brand With A Telescopic Backdrop!

Telescopic Backdrop

#7 Heavyweight Tote Bags

Heavyweight Tote Bags

Tote bag printing is very popular at Clubcard and in 2018 we stepped up our game with our own custom heavyweight cotton tote bags. What really excites people about this tote are the extra wide gussets and long, comfortable handles making trips to the farmers market, grocery store or a day at the beach a breeze. This robust new tote bag is made just for Clubcard from thick and sturdy cotton, designed for serious shopping trips. It even has an interior pocket to hold your phone, wallet and small items! Go Eco-Friendly In Style - Order Heavyweight Tote Bags!

Heavyweight Tote Bags

#6 Concrete Grey Cards

Concrete Grey Cards

Kraft card stocks have been a natural choice at Clubcard for over a decade, so when we introduced this shade of grey we were tickled pink to see so many of you flock to it. We guess you agree that this concrete grey card stock from Neenah Paper adds a one of a kind hue to your designs. Printed in full color with optional white ink concrete grey cards allow you to create beautiful cards with organic aesthetics. Make a concrete decision, get concrete grey cards!

Concrete Grey Cards

#5 Hoodies


It only made sense these made in Canada soft cotton hoodies would be an instant hit when added to our garment printing services. Bundling up in hooded sweatshirt casualness is only made better by having your own artwork on it. Clubcard is one of the few places where you can print a single hoodie in full color, neon and shiny foil colors. Can you say perfect gift? Order one hoodie or outfit the whole crew!


#4 Black Soft Touch Cards

Black Soft Touch Cards

Without a proper dose of the dark side, Star Wars kinda flopped in 2018 but our Black Soft Touch Cards did not leave anyone wanting more. These 34 point thick, foil stamped pure black cards are finished with velvety smooth soft touch lamination, optional embossing, debossing or spot gloss varnish. Nothing is off the table when you embrace the darkness. Choose the Dark Side, Black Soft Touch Cards!

Black Soft Touch Cards

#3 Raised Foil Cards

Raised Foil Cards

Kylie Jenner stopped plumping her lips in 2018 but raised foil cards created a pumped up craze of their own. Taking metallic silver, gold or iridescent foil and building 3D effects on logos or patterns will do that! These super soft suede laminated cards definitely pump up the volume of your brand. Get your own pumped up raised foil cards!

Raised Foil Cards

#2 Bamboo Cards

Bamboo Cards

Did you know the bamboo plant can grow 3 feet in 24 hours? Clubcard's new bamboo cards offer you a way for you to grow your business fast with eco-friendly and sustainable tree free marketing materials printed on our bamboo card stock. Bamboo cards have a subtle water color texture and are made with a mix of 90% bamboo fibre for strength and stiffness plus 10% cotton fibre for unrivalled softness. Grow fast and proser with Bamboo Cards!

Bamboo Cards

#1 Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

Since the day we opened in 1994 Clubcard has focused on serving artists in every field and in 2018 we put our printing where our mouth is launching Fine Art Prints. The demand for this new archival quality printing service has been overwhelming with eye popping colors and incredible reproduction detail beyond our wildest expectations. Choose Fine Art Printing!

Fine Art Printing

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